Dear right brain: sorry.
It has been too long since I
let you off your leash.

Man and dog straining at a leash



Wringing out the brain,
to spite the page beneath it
a daily madness.


cc by Drew Coffman via Flickr

Prompt: Write about a scent


I probably wrote this around this time last summer. It’s hot.  

Dull, wet and heavy, the scent of concrete excreta hit his gag reflex the moment he stepped outside, instantly light-headed in what should have been fresh air. It was so humid the air was practically rain, a perverse kind of sticky rain that slurped at his nervously acrid temples and left him no cleaner, the kind of rain that would rain if rain could rain in soup.

With a barely perceptible swish, the glass doors closed behind him.

View from Tokyo Metropolitan Building

Tokyo in summer. It’s hot. By Caroline Hutchinson.