Travels around Japan: Ishigaki Island


It’s a dismal day here in Tokyo; although there’s a lingering hint of summer stickiness, it’s been raining all day.

It’s at times like these that I dream of running away to a tropical island. It’s at times like these that tropical islands seem like just a dream.

Here’s one that’s just three hours from Tokyo, and most definitely real.

Escape to Okinawa’s Yaeyama Islands on the Odigo Blog for Odigo Travel.


No really, it’s real – photo cc from Flickr by kobaken++


Travels around Japan: Koya-san


I mostly write poetry on this blog, but I also enjoy writing travel articles about Japan, a beautiful country I discover new corners of every day.

Here’s one I wrote about Mount Koya, misty mountain home of Shingon Buddhism. Let me know what you think!

Koya-san: A Modern-Day Pilgrimage on the Odigo blog for Odigo Travel.


Okunoin Cemetery, Koya-san. cc via Wikimedia, by Jordy Meow