Fifteen and dreaming
of farthermost horizons
she bought acrylics
and scattered her Doc Martens
with a thousand tumbling stars

Boldly did she stride
into school on a Monday –
a living canvas
adorned in her own cosmos –
and was straightaway sent home

From Flickr cc by Billie Grace Ward



We stumble through fields
cricked necks, mouths catching insects
seeking the brightest –
the point where we are smallest
yet together everything

cc via Pixabay

The Death of Charles Richardson


At nineteen, seeking
adventure and fortune, I
came ashore in old
Shanghai, learned the manifold
wiles of the Oriental.

Mannerless savages.
They cease not washing
ashore, like driftwood, of no
place, of no destination.
Their appetites are endless.

Set sail for Edo!
The hermit kingdom shelled,
ripe for the tasting.
Chanced on a chieftain’s parade,
bristling pagan finery.

I am Shimazu,
Daimyo of Satsuma-han.
Who dares interrupt?
Who flits around my horse’s
ass, waiting to eat my shit?

I shall never bend the knee!
Then we shall bend it for you.