Fifteen and dreaming
of farthermost horizons
she bought acrylics
and scattered her Doc Martens
with a thousand tumbling stars

Boldly did she stride
into school on a Monday –
a living canvas
adorned in her own cosmos –
and was straightaway sent home

From Flickr cc by Billie Grace Ward


Cool/ uncool


Too cool for school?
Man, school ain’t cool.
Now jazz, that’s cool.
Except when it’s hot –
then it’s not

Jazz sax

From Flickr cc by Ray

Archive: Enthusiasm makes my day

Student sleeping on desk

Teach. Inspire.

Asked to reflect on his school days, one student ushered in a new course together by writing “I wasn’t a good student in school because I am my personality are very lazy and I miss school for 6 months. I didn’t have any favourite subject because I didn’t like study and or also teacher because I don’t didn’t like school”.

Nice to feel needed, is it not?

From here on October 14th 2010.