Never sure-footed
I somehow feel my way from
corner to corner
distracted by shiny things
yet haphazardly happy


cc via Pixabay


Prompt: The morning came earlier than I expected

Couple in bed but apart

“Are you awake,” he says, flatly.

The morning came earlier than I expected. A few short hours for everything to come undone.

Stark light blinds as it reveals. I know only the now, and now, I know I cannot stay here. I have to be away, far away from what lies beside me, this flesh that carried promise, once, and pleasure, lying leaden upon these unfamiliar sheets.

I do not know where I am, exactly. I do not know exactly where I can go.

The weight shifts, scattering heaviness, lazily threatening to pull me down again. “Are you awake,” he says, flatly.

It’s not quite a question. I do not give an answer.