ShutUp30.10: What Catches the Mind


Today’s prompt was to reflect on a recent memory. Much of what came out is probably best kept to myself, but this has been at the back of my mind since I was a young person myself (a very long time ago).

Young people today. In my day, people were tough. Everyone worked hard, and looked our for one another. We fought a war, don’t you know. They wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for us.

Young people today: they take a lot of flak. Somehow people forget how useless they themselves were as young people, how overwhelmed by the sudden fields of boundless elysian choice that seem to stretch away as far as the eye could see, without the comforting knowledge that there are things on your CV which mean you probably won’t be going hungry for too long.

Give them something to do that they can do, and they shine. Help each other out, shyly, try their best to crack jokes, open up slowly, find a voice that sounds like themselves. Put them in the shade of test scores, impossible expectations, and whimsical ever-shifting requirements, and watch them curl inwards once again.

And then, cross your arms and roll your eyes. Did I mention that we fought a war? And the Nazis nicked me teeth.


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