ShutUp30.9: What Catches Your Eye


The prompt today was to write about a well-known room from memory. Here’s my living room.

This room is self-centred, speaking of habitual solitude. The tatami matting floor is  traditional yet somewhat outdated in today’s Tokyo. A well-worn laptop perches on a low table, the snaking cable a sure sign that this is a kotatsu – a heated table. The table, and the floor around it, are covered with slews of paper. If we zoom in, we can see that they’re about 70% English to 30% Japanese. In the corner, a lazily half-folded coil of futon rests before being pressed into duty again.

The room is light, all and lively pastels, with a big glass sliding door along one side. A small bookcase skulks in one corner, “The Conquest of Ainu Lands” rubbing shoulders with “Understanding Comics”. The rest of this life must be contained behind the wall of paper doors. What we can see suggests that it is disorderly.


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