Three steps


Three steps to a more positive you

Step 1: A healthy you!
Exercise is good for body and soul
buy a gym membership today –
feel those pounds just melt away!
Vitamin pills and wheatgerm enemas,
locally sourced, of course.

Step 2: Anxious no more!
Learn how to worry productively.
Whisper yes to the experience, yes
to anxiety, to futility.
Write it down in your gratitude journal.
Treat yourself to softer towels.

Step 3: Change your destiny!
Do what you love, follow your dream,
be energetic, playful and thankful.
Welcome loss as potential gain.
Do an internship and refuse the pay.
Pester strangers on LinkedIn.

This is your journey to your best you!
Everyone’s a winner, rags to riches,
only you can make the dream come true.
Know only that if you fall behind
we will spit on you as we pass you by.


Via Pixabay


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