Travels around Japan: Koya-san


I mostly write poetry on this blog, but I also enjoy writing travel articles about Japan, a beautiful country I discover new corners of every day.

Here’s one I wrote about Mount Koya, misty mountain home of Shingon Buddhism. Let me know what you think!

Koya-san: A Modern-Day Pilgrimage on the Odigo blog for Odigo Travel.


Okunoin Cemetery, Koya-san. cc via Wikimedia, by Jordy Meow



Fifteen and dreaming
of farthermost horizons
she bought acrylics
and scattered her Doc Martens
with a thousand tumbling stars

Boldly did she stride
into school on a Monday –
a living canvas
adorned in her own cosmos –
and was straightaway sent home

From Flickr cc by Billie Grace Ward