Archive: Christmas on West Lake


It’s Christmas on West Lake, and Ha Noi is out to play.

Through flotillas of festive balloons,
the lone cyclist catches glimpses
of shadowy, elaborately coiffured
Duran Duran extras, cracking sunflower seeds
and scanning the crowd for pretty girls
to put on the backs of their motorbikes.

For this special day, the elderly have
abandoned crotch-thrusting
in favour of a stately waltz.
Beyond the grace and its audience,
a small boy in a Santa suit 
is pissing purposefully, joyously, against a tree.

Tran Quoc Pagoda, West Lake, Hanoi

West Lake, in more serene circumstances (by Greg Willis from Denver, CO, USA, via Wikimedia Commons)


From here on December 24th 2011.


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